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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week 3 - Story: Dryad - Text: A Cat, a Hat, and a Piece of String by Joanne Harris

Week 3 Blog assignment
Mooring Against the Tide Ch 15
From Harris text:
Rainy Days and Mondays
By now you will be coming to understand point of view and how the vantage point a story is written from will affect you as a reader. Ask yourself how you respond to the point of view in this week’s stories. What pulls you closer and what pushes you further away? Do you find that you have a favourite point of view as a reader? How might identifying this affect your own writing?

       Reading about Tree huggers and Environmentalists I can deal with, but reading about someone who actually fell in love with a tree makes me uneasy. Trees are still beings. They are alive but little movement is seen from them - also that little movement is seen only when there is a strong breeze of wind. It's hard enough to love a fellow human, how much more a tree who has no way to respond to one's feelings? I've read and heard of interracial relationships, even relationships of a man and his dog, but a woman and her tree? This is the first and probably the only story out there.

      I did not like this story at all cause I really couldn't picture the idea of being in love with a tree - it's just absurd. The 2 narrators in this story sets it apart from the rest of the stories. It's still written in First Person POV but it now has 2 people telling their stories. How the author did this was create a long dialogue conversation between the 2 female protagonists. The older woman, Mrs.Clarke told her tale and somehow it was similar to the tale of the other female protagonist. Sadly, most romance is tragic - one could die, the couple could get into a big fight, the couple could get tired of each other, etc. Mrs. Clarke's love story is typical of most old folks: they marry young and don't really have a firm relationship or understanding of each other. In her case though, Stan was a loving husband and stayed with her till the end even when she deserted him for The Beech. I like the way she described The Beech and how she loved to draw him. She paid attention to every detail making sure she could devote herself to her love and show how magnificent he really is. I believe the way that the author decided to relay this story is the best way. As first person, it's more interpersonal between the two characters - making them to be able to relate to each other and at the same time share this story too with the readers. If it was told in Third Person, i think the readers would feel more distant to the characters. Telling this tale in First Person POV makes the reader feel like the story is directly being told to him or her and they can feel how much Mrs.Clarke loved The Beech even though she herself knew that this was such an odd and strange romance.

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  1. Nic, I am glad to see you discussing pov. I like the discernment you’re displaying in discussing why the story is more successful in first person than it might have been in third.